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COVID-19 - Free delivery of all Farrow & Ball orders nationwide. Delivery will occur on 3rd working day after order including the day of order. For assistance call 513.973.1014. Order free color card and wallpaper samples (max 5). In response to COVID-19, we are offering FREE DELIVERY nationwide for all Farrow & Ball orders. You will receive your paint on the 3rd working day after order including the day you order. Order your FREE PAINT COLOR CARD and FREE WALLPAPER SAMPLES online today (max 5). For assistance call 513.973.1014

Bloodline Artisans

We are drowning in a sea of talent. Makers, creators, doers and thinkers are in every corner of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. We are forever searching for the next small thing that is going to make it big. If you have a talent for creating physical products, then comment with a view to finding creative souls to help you take your passion to the next level
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Bloodline Artisans
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