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Brooks- Industrial Watercolor

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Sanford Brooks (1914-1994) and Virginia Brooks

American Watercolor Society

Sanford Brooks was born August 3, 1915 in Hamilton County, Ohio. His father, Leroy Brooks worked as an executive at a steel plant and was a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy. Sanford attended Yale where he graduated with a degree in architecture in 1939. After graduation, he worked for Tool Steel Gear and Pinion Company of Cincinnati where he became Executive Vice President in 1941 and President in 1961. He was a very prominent citizen of Cincinnati and a leading member of numerous professional, civic, and cultural organizations, including the Cincinnati Art Museum. Sanford and his wife Virginia Brooks were prominent members of the American Watercolor Society, and traveled extensively to produce modernist landscapes of New England, Haiti, the Caribbean, Texas, California, and throughout the Midwest.

Watercolor is 36 x 28 inches

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