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F&B Paint


$ 110.00

Interior Walls & Ceilings - Any surface: A chalky finish
Interior Walls & Ceilings - KitchensBathroomsHigh Traffic areas: A low sheen finish
Wood Metal - Suitable for radiators
Wood Metal Walls & Ceilings - A dramatic glossy effect
Interior Wooden or Concrete Floor, Baseboards, Kitchen Cabinets - Hard-wearing eggshell finish
Exterior Hard and Soft Wood & Metal - Robust and Durable
Interior Woodwork and Metal - Very flat finish
Exterior Masonry Surface - Durable & Hardwaring
Size & Finish:
Gallon Estate Emulsion Calluna No 270
Gallon Modern Emulsion Calluna No 270
Gallon Estate Eggshell Calluna No 270
Gallon Full Gloss Calluna No 270
Gallon Modern Eggshell Calluna No270
Gallon Exterior Eggshell Calluna No 270
Gallon Dead Flat Calluna No 270
Gallon Exterior Masonry Calluna No 270
100ml Sample Pot Calluna No. 270
750ml Estate Eggshell Calluna No. 270
750ml Full Gloss Calluna No. 270
750ml Modern Eggshell Calluna No. 270
750ml Exterior Eggshell Calluna No. 270
750ml Dead Flat Calluna No. 270

Calluna takes its name from the beautiful heather so prolific across the moors of Scotland. A touch of black ensures that it appears more lilac than pink, making this colour feel both soft and tranquil yet strangely sophisticated. It can be contrasted with sympathetic Great White or used with darker Brassica and Pelt to great effect. White & Light Tones Primer & Undercoat