El Dorado Necklace

El Dorado Necklace

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My Art Deco jewelry line is inspired by the architecture of that period. This pendant specifically remind me of the El Dorado Apartment Building doors in New York City.

The pendant is entirely handmade by myself using silver clay. Art Deco designs are stamped onto the back and front, a 5mm lab made trillion diamond is embedded as a focal point and gives it that extra sparkle. 

The pendant is fine silver and measures 1.75”x.75”. It hangs from an 18” sterling silver chain and features a sterling silver magnetic clasp. 

More about the silver clay process...
Silver clay is composed of fine or sterling silver mixed with an organic compound that, once fired, burns away the binding compound in the kiln  and leaves nothing but the precious metal behind.  It’s an incredible process that gives me the feeling of being an alchemist. Clay to metal - it’s like magic.

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